Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education

Workshop for finalization of textbooks on Junior Field Technician Home Appliances job role [(ELE-Q3117)]

[Department of Engineering and Technology]

The first workshop for development of textbook of Grade 9 of the job role on Junior Field Technician Home Appliances (QP Code ELE/3117) in Electronics Sector was conducted from 18 to 22 March, 2024 at PSSCIVE, Bhopal. One local experts and two internal faculty of the institute attended the workshop. In this workshop the contents of the textbook of Grade 9 was drafted. Some of the contents were reviewed and some new contents were identified which would be written further. The textbook will be finalised in the next workshop.

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Start Date 18/03/2024
End Date 22/03/2024
Programme Head PAB
Programme Category New Programme
Programme Type Development
Programme venue PSSCIVE, Bhopal
Target Category All
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Programme Status Scheduled

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Programme Coordinator

Deepak D. Shudhalwar

Deepak D. Shudhalwar

, Department of Engineering and Technology / 9425018802