Faculty Members
Sn Name of Faculty Designation Subject Department Telephone Mobile Email
1. Prof. Rajesh Khambayat Joint Director Civil Engineering Joint Director Office 07552704101 8989120801 jointdirector@psscive.ac.in
2. Prof. Mridula Saxena Professor Home Science (Food & Nutrition) Home Science and Hospitality Management 07552704126 9425012371 msaxena@psscive.ac.in
3. Prof. R. K. Shukla Professor Accountancy Business and Commerce 07552704118 9977466514 rkshukla@psscive.ac.in
4. Prof. Rajiv Kumar Pathak Professor Horticulture and Plant Protection Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 07552704116 9425150401 rkpathak@psscive.ac.in
5. Prof. V. S. Mehrotra Professor Plant Protection Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 07552704117 9424485821 vsmehrotra@psscive.ac.in
6. Prof. Saurabh Prakash Professor Rural Technology Engineering and Technology 07552704123 9425301901 sprakash@psscive.ac.in
7. Prof. Abhijit Nayak Professor Bio-Chemistry Health and Paramedical Sciences 07552704104 9425140269 anayak@psscive.ac.in
8. Prof. Pinki Khanna Professor Home Science (Food & Nutrition) Home Science and Hospitality Management 07552704127 9425372280 pkhanna@psscive.ac.in
9. Dr. Vipin Kumar Jain Associate Professor Entrepreneurship Development Humanities Science,Education and Research 07552704144 8349208061 vkjain@psscive.ac.in
10. Dr. Kuldeep Singh Associate Professor Animal Science Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 07552704146 9136179878 ksingh@psscive.ac.in
11. Dr. P. Veeraiah Associate Professor Distributive Education Business and Commerce 07552704119 8989014432 pveeraiah@psscive.ac.in
12. Dr. Dipak D. Shudhalwar Associate Professor Computer Science/Engineering Engineering and Technology 07552704124 9425018802 ddshudhalwar@psscive.ac.in
13. Dr. Udal Singh Assistant Professor Horticulture/ Post Harvest Technology Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 07552704121 9424482576 usingh@psscive.ac.in